Monday, August 18, 2014

Freshly Picked Moccasins


I was so excited to receive our freshly picked moccasins. We chose the sprout color for Max and the glacier color for Juliette. My little guy Max is a rough and tough wild boy and he is very hard on all of his shoes. When I first put the shoes on him he was upset when I took them off. He has really enjoyed them and when ever I tell him to go find his shoes he always picks his freshly picked moccasins. I love how easy they are to get on his very chubby and wide feet. A lot of his shoes we have a really hard time getting his wide feet in, and usually always end up buying a size too big so we can get his feet in. His freshly picked moccasins slide on his feet very easily and for such a busy boy we need something that goes on so easily and fast. One of my favorite things about his moccasins are the little footprints that show up on the bottom and that they don't make his feet smell when he doesn't wear socks.  Other shoes tend to give him stinky little feet.

Juliette is a year old and just learned to walk.  These are the perfect walking shoes for a new learner.  The soft soles help her to be able to feel the floor and it is easier for her to balance with her moccasins then any other shoes out there. The color of her moccasins are absolutely beautiful. They compliment all outfits and make an outfit complete.  They're our first choice in shoes everyday. Especially her choice, she carries them around everywhere she goes when they aren't on her feet.   Like Max, Juliette loves to find her moccasins and take them to her mom to be put on.  I think it is safe to say that both mommy and baby love Freshly Picked!